Terminal care is the long-term essential treatment of a patient. They know that some diseases make the patient completely paralyzed and bedridden. Sometimes patient goes into coma. In addition to brain-dead, brain disease, spine problems, heart disease, and lung disease, some of the most serious undiagnosed diseases require treatment from one month to one year or more. Such treatment is called 'terminal care'.

It is generally accepted that the end result of such a long-term incurable disease is the death of the patient, but this is not always the case. With proper treatment, the patient may recover. Most of the time such a patient with chronic illness is kept in the ICU of a reputed hospital, but sometimes the doctor advises to take the patient home considering the condition of the patient's relatives due to the crowd of such patients in the hospital. Sometimes the patient's relatives become helpless due to their financial difficulties and demand to take the patient home on foot. However, treatment of such a patient is necessary. So, after all, basic facilities like a hospital have to be arranged at home. Such as bed for the patient, various nursing care as well as suitable staff for patient care, various machines such as oxygen suction, nebulizer, BP-diabetes screening, glucose or blood bottle stand etc.

Patients with a long-term incurable disease are almost unconscious or in a coma. They cannot express their needs and meet themselves. Give them food and water on time and as per doctor's instructions, make the patient have natural bowel movements like stool and urine and clean it, get rid of their diarrhea-vomiting, sputum etc. immediately, bathe them or sponge their body, brush them daily They need to change their clothes, comb their hair, cut their fingernails, give them medicines on time, change their bed sheets, clean the patient's room by themselves, etc. Moreover, all these activities are not enough for one or two days, they are long lasting. So even family members get tired and sometimes lose heart.

With blessings of Premsurishwarji Maharaj Saheb and under the guidance of Dr. Satishbhai Chikhalkar, Guruprem Terminal Care Hospital started arranging terminal care with very modern systems. Guruprem Terminal Care Hospital is active with the emotional objective of providing a reliable home-like environment and refreshing natural air-freshness as well as pure nutritious food-water facilities by freeing the patient from the worries, stress and dreadful atmosphere of the hospital. Services like 'Disaster Relief' are available for patients and their relatives at very reasonable rates.

Facilities available at Guruprem Terminal Care Hospital:

  • Centralized Patient Monitoring System
  • Centralized oxygen and suction system
  • 24 Hour Medical Officer
  • 24 hours nursing care
  • 24-hour in-house food-service
  • 24-hour in-house food-service
  • Physiotherapy
  • Dietitian
  • 24 Hour Patient Live Connectivity
  • Centrally air-conditioned


D-2,3 Sahjanand Complex, Nr. Jaymangal BRTS, Naranpura, Ahmedabad - 380013.

Call: 079-27460108, +91 7071080108