IndoVasc Hospital

Since its inception in 2007, GIPS Hospital has been consistently providing the highest quality of comprehensive care to patients of all age groups within India. Besides our ongoing efforts in improving the standards and quality of patient care, GIPS Hospital’s top consultants have been actively involved in educating the community and raising awareness regarding mental illnesses through medical health camps, community meetings, and community presentations.

GIPS Hospital will be a premier psychiatric provider in the delivery of treatment, education, and research. GIPS faculty and staff will promote clinical excellence.

Consulting doctors at GIPS Hospital:

Dr. Pradip Vaghasiya (M.D. (Psychiatry), D.P.M.)

Dr. Dharmesh Patel (M.D. (Psychiatry), D.P.M.)

Dr. Rajesh Maniar (M.D. (Psychiatry), D.P.M.)

Dr. Himanshu Desai (M.D. (Psychiatry), D.P.M.)

Dr. Suhas Doshi (M.D. (Psychiatry))

Dr. Maitreya Parikh (M.D. (Psychiatry))

Dr. Punita Grover (M.R.C. Psych., C.C.S.T. (U.K.))

Dr. Pradip Vaghasiya (M.D. (Psychiatry), D.P.M.)

Dr. Ravi Soni (D.M. Geriatric Psychiatry, M.B.B.S., M.D. (Psychiatry))


1st Floor, Dev Complex, Near Parimal Crossroad, Ellisbridge, Ahmedabad – 380 006.

Call: 079-2642-3131

Call: +91-9081888485